KM Business & Marketing started out of a desire to help small businesses stand out from the crowd by doing things differently than the status quo.

Rubber-stamp, run-of-the-mill marketing solutions just don’t always work – sometimes you need creativity and a little elbow grease to really make things happen.

We know that just because everyone is doing it (or someone else found great success doing it) doesn’t always mean you’ll get the results you are looking for. So we work to listen to your business and marketing goals and find the strategies and tactics that help you achieve them.

That’s why our mission is to give you “Tactics that Target” – target your goals, your audience, your customers, and your bottom line.

We dream that by doing this, we can become a cornerstone business and marketing consulting service for small businesses, non-profits, and personal brands, like yours.

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After all, we’re all in this together,
trying to make a living doing something that we love.